Friday, June 28, 2013

How to Start Beading & Things to Do with Beads

Looking for a hobby that brings out your creativity, reduces stress and results in creations that you can use by yourself, give to family and friends, or sell for extra income? Consider edging. Beads has come a long way from simple strings of beads or bead jewelry.
Beading is becoming increasingly popular. Everything you can think of can be trimmed: handbags, purses, bracelets, necklaces, wall hangings, pillows, lampshades, and clothing. Use your imagination1
You can create some incredibly beautiful pieces with the variety of beads available in shape, size, texture, color and design. Pieces made with pearls are also practical. People use beaded bracelets, necklaces and earrings as accessories to add style to an outfit. Clothing such as jackets and scarves can also be embossed. Home decor items such as wall hangings, pillows and lampshades can be embellished with beads.

Edging is cheap. You do not need a special laboratory. A table, good lighting, some beading equipment and a selection of pearls is more than enough.
A wide selection of beads supplies are readily available at craft and art supply stores, specialty shops, beads and beads online and jewelry suppliers. To start beading, you will need:
Beads: Start with economic beads for your first piece and work up to more expensive heels as you get more practiced in the art of beading. Use your favorite colors, shapes and sizes.
Bead Boards: These make using beads, measuring, and working with multiple strands much easier. Most of the cards beads are plastic and are equipped with a device to measure in inches, millimeters, or both. Each plastic tray divided can be used, however a card edge is highly recommended.
Closures: results is another name for jewelry clasps, clamps and fasteners. These can be found in any store beads or beads supplier online. Most products come with instructions results but the information can also be found online.
Crimping Pearls: Pearls of flexible metal bending are tightened to help keep hooks attached to jewelry. Beads folder, available in gold or silver tone are an essential element for any project of bead jewelry.
Stringing materials: strings of beads are made of silk, nylon, leather rope, coated wire, and other materials. The fishing line is cheaper, but beginners may need to use flexible cable since it is easier to use. Working with wire requires special needles made for edging. These can be found in most bead stores or online suppliers of beads.
Tools: most basic is a pair of pliers round to be used for crimping. You do not need other tools, but make edging easier and can be purchased later as you get on with beads.
Bases beads are easy to learn. Instructions beads are easily available. A beginner can also start with a Do-It-Yourself kit beads for a first project. As you get comfortable with beading skills, you can go to try some of your creations. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating beautiful objects of beads. Use your imagination and experiment. You will find beading is fun and very satisfying.

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